ENG1 – Passed!

20 05 2010

Well I had my medical exam this afternoon at 12:00, in Hayle on the north coast of Cornwall. Dr M.J.E. Higgs of the Bodriggy Health Centre passed me with no restrictions, which thankfully leaves me open to begin my course next year with no problems.

I went into the exam without any real idea of what it contained and what was expected, something the MCA arent great at revealing to people about to take the test. It ended up being a fairly short process. Firstly I was asked a series of questions about my medical history and that of my family, then he did a few simple tests such as blood pressure and heart rate, he listened to my breathing, and then checked my height and weight to work out my BMI.

After that was the slightly awkward part of checking for any hernias, it invloves dressing down and alot of coughing and heavy breathing, while the doctor checks your stomach and abdomen for what I assume is any weak spots.

Lastly was just an eyesight test, your standard “cover one eye and read this line” style of test to see how good your vision is, but then followed a colour-blindness test aswell. Being colour blind is actually a rather pass or fail situation. Because of the need to be able to distinguish between different coloured lights on another ship if travelling at night as a Deck officer, or the need to distinguish between different coloured wires as an Engineering officer, the MCA has very strict guidelines about the condition. There are methods of appealing and taking futher tests but more often than not the process goes no further.

But my eyesight was great, and with no other problems, the doctor signed my ENG1 certificate and congratulated me, wishing me well in the course next year and working for Carnival.




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